unmake 85 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes

ache bake brake break cake
drake fake flake hake jake
lake make quake rake sake
shake sheik sheikh slake snake
spake stake steak strake take

Two-syllable rhymes

awake backache beefcake beefsteak betake
cheesecake clambake cornflake cupcake daybreak
earache earthquake forsake fruitcake grubstake
handshake headache heartache heartbreak hoecake
hotcake housebreak intake jailbreak keepsake
mandrake mistake muckrake namesake newsbreak
oatcake offtake opaque outbreak pancake
partake remake retake shortcake snowflake
sweepstake toothache unmake uptake windbreak

Three-syllable rhymes

bellyache coffeecake firebreak griddlecake halterbreak
johnnycake overtake patty-cake rattlesnake reawake
stomachache unawake undertake wide-awake  

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