up 88 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
cup pup sup up  
2 syllables:
backup bishop blowup breakup buildup
catchup catsup checkup cleanup closeup
crackup cutup dollop europe eyecup
faceup gallop gallup getup gossip
grownup hiccough hiccup holdup hookup
hyssop julep ketchup kickup larrup
letup lineup linkup lockup lollop
makeup markup mixup mockup philip
pickup pileup pinup polyp pushup
roundup scallop scollop setup shakeup
shallop shapeup showup situp slipup
smashup speedup stickup stirrup sunup
syrup teacup tossup trollop tulip
tuneup turnip turnup walkup wallop
warmup windup workup worship  
3 syllables:
archbishop buttercup coverup develop develope
envelop escallop wickiup  
4 or more syllables:
overdevelop redevelop  

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